The Importance of Reaching Your Highest Self

When we were babies, we were born with a completely clean slate.  No preconceptions of what the world would be like.  We saw the world with new eyes, everything was so interesting, so new, so exciting.  The world we were born into was limitless.  With each new experience, we learned.  With each new touch, we felt a connection to others. With each new smile, we felt love.   

As we grew up, somewhere along the way we changed.  Our environment, our influences, our experiences, began to reshape our minds.  Rather than see a world of opportunity we start to see a world full of limitations.  We become afraid to be different because other children in the playground ridicule us.  We are afraid to take risks because we fear others laugh at us if we fail.  We are afraid to explore the world and all its beauty because our parents tell us it is unsafe.  We are afraid to be ourselves because being ourselves is not aligned with what the world expects of us.

Most of us live in countries where we are supposedly free, but how free are we really?  Real freedom comes when your mind is free.  When you are free you chase your dreams with no fear of retribution, no fear of failure.  Being free means you can laugh when you want, dance in the sunshine when you want, sing in the rain when you want, take out a paintbrush and paint a masterpiece when you want.  Being free is when nothing holds you back from unleashing every ounce of skill and talent you have into the world to make this world a better place for everyone.  Being free means you can love and be kind to everyone regardless of religion, race, or sexual orientation.

Too often we are expected to live the same lives as others who have come before us.  Graduate high school.. go to college… get a job… get married…have kids…work until you retire…spend the rest of your life relaxing….  Why must we settle for this?  What about unleashing your talents to the world, becoming the best version of yourself, living your life with no regrets, giving back to the world unconditionally, leaving the most amazing legacy for the world to witness?

Do not settle!  There is nothing wrong with following the path of others, but you must ensure that express yourself throughout this journey.   How do you not settle?  How do you continue to reach for your highest self?

Life is way too short to waste. You have one lifetime to make whatever you want to happen…happen.  You have one opportunity to get this right.

When it is all said and done, you want to look back with a smile on your face, with gratitude flowing through your veins, knowing that you used up every ounce of energy and talent you were born with to make this world a better place.  


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