Start With the End in Mind

People these days, tend to go through life in a blur. It’s the constant rat race that we are in. 

Climbing the corporate ladder, pleasing others, buying things to keep up with your friends.  I know the exact feeling.  But something changed in me a few years ago, when I asked myself a simple question...

At the end of my days…. Will I have mattered?

Today, is as good as any day to transport your mind into the future and think about the Legacy you wish to leave behind.

How do you start with the end in mind? 

Fast forward, 10, 20, 50 years from now… you are at the end of your life, laying on your death bed…. Nothing should be more terrifying than knowing that you are dying with a heart filled with regret.  Regrets about things you did not do, things you did do but did not want to do, and the time you wasted doing things that did not matter.

In order to protect yourself from this heartache, you need to determine what is your mission in life? What is your higher purpose?  Why are you here?

Ask yourself these questions:


1.       What do you want others to say at your funeral?

2.       What would your own obituary say?

3.       How do you wish to be remembered during your last days alive?

The best way to answer these questions is to write it down in a journal or a piece of paper.

At the top of the page write down one of the questions.

Start a 15 minute timer.

Write and do not stop until your 15 minutes is up. 

Once you start writing, your ideas and emotions will begin to flow onto the paper.

Afterwards, analyze your writing.  This should form the foundation of:

  • What you want your Legacy to be?
  • What you want to be known as?
  • What you want to accomplish before you die?

Why does building a legacy matter? 

Understanding your legacy or mission in life gives you a point of reference for how to act today by helping guide you to make the right decisions in life.

Every tough decision I face, I always ask myself, "Does this align with my personal mission in life?"

On a personal level, one of my life’s missions is to motivate people to improve their lives.  This blog would not be here today if I did not spend time determining what I wanted my legacy to be.

We have all heard many cliché’s before such as “Live your Life to the Fullest”. Many of us have no idea what that really means. 

How do you hit a bull’s eye when no target exists?

Thinking about the legacy you wish to leave behind is a chance to lay a foundation for yourself that will last a lifetime.  



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