A Podcast That Digs Into My Life

Hello readers,

Thank you for continuing to take the time to come read my blogs.  I am in awe of all of the support you have all given me.

This blog post is a special one because it isn't really a "blog".  It contains within it a podcast that I did for the SAP intern team which digs deep into several aspects of my life. 

This interview covers the following topics:

  • My career
  • My meditation practice
  • My morning routine
  • The way I deal with stress
  • The way I speed read
  • The advice I would give myself now if I could speak to my younger self
  • Happiness
  • Success in life
  • How do I raise my kids?

Just click the play button below to listen to the podcast or you can click the "Download" link and grab a copy of the podcast to put on your MP3 player.

Here are some quotes taken directly from the podcast:

  • You cannot put your happiness on hold for something you don't have or may not ever have or may get in the future. Because when you do that, you're saying to yourself that you're not good enough to be happy today because you haven't obtained what you plan to obtain tomorrow.
  • The way you defeat the fear of loss, is start thinking and start visualizing and writing about the benefits you will gain from making a change, and you'll realize that the benefits you gain will outweigh the losses.
  • Try not to be complacent with your learning development
  • Try your best to enjoy the journey. It's all about that present moment in time, you should enjoy every second of it.
  • I've made that decision where I'm going to live my last dying breath contributing to the world somehow.
  • Success is a tricky word. My personal belief is that success can only be defined by yourself. For me, my success has nothing to do with one area of my life. I need to be successful in all areas of my life.

Books Mentioned in the podcast:

I would like to thank the SAP Intern team for giving me this amazing opportunity to share my story.  For more information about the interviewers click here: John Kee Paul and Tony Cai.