Fall in Love with Your Job

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could all fall passionately in love with your job?

What would your workplace be like if everyone went to work feeling excited, passionate and inspired?

As you walk into your office you would see bright smiles and hear laughter all around.  Colleagues would stop to talk and showcase a genuine interest in you rather than just quickly saying “How are you doing?” and pass right on by.

As you get ready to start your work day, your heart would start to race and you would feel a small burst of adrenaline flowing through your veins.  No, you are not having an anxiety attack, you are feeling pure bliss and excitement to get started with your day. You are in a heightened state of awareness.  Your mind is relaxed and your thoughts are full of positive energy.

I guess its time to wake up to reality now because most people have the opposite feeling when they start their work day.

For most people, going to work is a chore.  It is something we have to do in order to earn money to survive.  We spend ~40 hours a week in a mind-numbing state just to look forward to the hours we have at home, where arguably we numb our minds even further with alcohol, eating unhealthy foods, watching TV, and partying.

Most people go through their days at work in a haze.  They are physically there, but mentally they are checked out.  They are off in dream land dreaming about their families, what they can buy next, or how they are going to spend their weekends. 

When they actually do think about work the inner voice tells them about all the crappy things associated with it:

  • “I deserve to be promoted but why haven’t I got it yet?”
  • “My boss is terrible”
  • “This job is so boring”
  • “My coworkers are annoying”
  • “I wish I could quit right now”

Many of us are looking for a way out.  Honestly, who hasn’t dreamt about winning the lottery? I think we all have spent time imagining what we would do if we didn’t have to worry about money.

Here’s the kicker.

You don’t have to be in the perfect job in order to enjoy what you are doing.  And if you are looking for the perfect job before you feel a higher level of enjoyment, then keep looking because there are very few things in life that are perfect.

The simple fact is this, only you control your emotions and your thoughts.  No one else.  The reason your job is not enjoyable is because you are not allowing yourself to enjoy it.  It isn’t about the work you have to do, or the boss that you have. It’s all about you.  It’s really your choice whether or not you make the most out of your time at work. 

If all you think about are the negative things associated with your job, then all you are doing is exasperating the entire situation by empowering your negative thoughts.   

Instead, spend your time daydreaming about the positive things at work:

  • See the innate good in your boss, colleagues and customers.
  • Seek the ability for you to further develop your skills and take on more responsibilities without asking for permission
  • Find the opportunity to showcase personal leadership by leading yourself to ultimate levels of success at work
  • Go above and beyond by seeking excellence in everything you do. The better the results you output the more pride you will have in your job.

Often we wish for more money, power, responsibility, and we believe that a new job will give us all of this. But what we fail to realize is that often everything you are searching for already exists in your current job.  We just fail to see it because we are blinded by our negative thoughts and the wrong mentality of “The grass is greener on the other side.”

What if you are in a job you tried to enjoy but absolutely couldn’t? Then be brave and quit.  Find a new job.

I know this is easier said then done because you have bills to pay, and mouths to feed.  But ask yourself this, “How many days, weeks, months, and years do you want to waste your life on being miserable?”

Deep down inside you know the answer.   Ultimate freedom and happiness lies just on the other side of misery and discontent.

If you look around the world, you will see all sorts of people who love their jobs. It doesn’t matter if they are a janitor, a dishwasher, a cashier, a manager, a VP, or a CEO.  You can find examples at all levels of people who just truly enjoy their job and make the most of their lives. 

The choice is yours... continue to envy these people or start becoming more like them.

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