Increase Your Confidence By Talking To Yourself

One of the things I would like to change in myself is the vocabulary I use when I speak. I wish I knew when I was much younger that the words I use have immense power over my internal thoughts. I now realize that it isn’t just the person I am speaking to that hears the words I say, my subconscious mind also hears it.

You may say, “Well of course, you are the one who said the words in the first place.” This is absolutely true, but unfortunately there are times I don’t “think” before I speak… 

The words I use can make or break my confidence.  The words I use can determine whether I have a great day or a terrible one.  The words I use can cause emotional bliss or emotional turmoil.

How so?  Let’s take a look at a few examples which shows two different reactions to the same situation.

 “No, I can’t do that… It isn’t my problem to fix.” 


“I love a challenge, let me help you out”



“Ahh it’s another crappy day. It’s raining and cold. Just pure misery”


“Awesome, looks like I get a free car wash today and I get to jump into some puddles!”


“Life sucks.  I always seem to have the worst luck!


“Every time I have a setback, it’s an opportunity for me to learn and grow.  Life is meant to be a challenge”

I don’t know about you, but to me it is pretty clear which sentence I would rather use in each of those situations.

Here is the thing, the use of a negative vocabulary drains your positive energy and also causes your subconscious mind to start believing that you are a victim.

When you speak, you should use words that make you feel like a winner.  The vocabulary and words you use should instill a sense of confidence in yourself.

Catching yourself in the moment using negative language is very difficult and takes mass amounts of self-awareness. I still catch myself to this day using the word “problem” which is a word I want to completely eliminate from my vocabulary.

To me there is a better and easier way to use words to elevate on your confidence and happiness levels.

Start using positive affirmations on a daily basis. 

Positive affirmations is when you talk to yourself in a positive way. 

Yes I want you to speak to yourself!

The use of positive self-affirmations allows you to:

·         Motivate yourself

·         Create a positive outlook on life

·         Accelerate your own personal growth

·         Positively change your attitude and behaviors

·         Change your state of mind into believing that you can and will accomplish something.

The great thing about affirmations is that you can create them for anything your heart desires.  After all, they are your own affirmations created to help YOU.

Here are a couple of my own personal affirmations to get you started.  When you read these affirmations out loud, read them with passion and conviction.  Trust me this is powerful stuff!

Affirmation Example #1

I am just as deserving, worthy and capable of achieving extraordinary levels of success as anyone else who walks this Earth.   I will stay 100% committed to realizing all the potential that I have and become successful in all faucets of my life.  I have a responsibility to live my life to the fullest and set an example for those around me.  I will create the life of my dreams.


Affirmation Example #2

Each and every day I will focus my most precious hours doing things that push my life forward.  Each and every day I will grow as a person.  Each and every day I will take a step closer to reaching peak levels of greatness.  I will respect time, time is short, life is short, and I will live each and every day with no regrets because each day is a day I will never get back.

Start creating your own affirmations and then set out some time every morning to read them out loud before your day begins!  Trust me you won’t regret doing this no matter how silly this may seem at first!

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