The Playbook

We can choose to live our lives, day to day, without any sense of direction. Our time is given to the daily emergencies at work or the mundane duties we must perform at home.  Our daily decisions are dictated by our uncontrolled desires.  Our actions are the result of our deeply ingrained habits – some good, some bad. We live our lives, but don’t care to enhance our lives.  Each day passes with no memorable results.  Days becomes months, months becomes years.  Time starts to run out.  We ask ourselves, “Where did the time go?”  Unfortunately nobody knows.

There is one way out of this trap.  Personal growth through learning. Nurturing our knowledge through reading, listening, and watching. We live in unprecedented times, where information is free to the masses.  Money and location does not restrict us from learning… the only restriction is ourselves.

But too much of a good thing can also be bad.  Some people spend all their time learning and not living. If we only learn but do not put into use our learnings, we become book smart but dumb in life.

At some point, we must decide to stop reading, stop attending workshops, stop looking for the magical elixir of life, and instead put into action what we have learned. The grand stage of life is our practice arena to convert the knowledge we obtain into wisdom.  Knowing a lot of information is not the same as being wise. 

Knowledge can be gathered, wisdom must be marinated.  Knowledge can be found on Google, wisdom must be found through trial and error. Knowledge can be learnt, wisdom must be captured through real-life experiences.

There will never be a playbook to reveal to us how we should live our lives, only a table content that acts as our guide.  So, let this blog be your first chapter.