How To Create Your Own Luck At Work

Does something like luck actually exist?  In my opinion, yes and no.  Luck exists when you play a game of chance, such as flipping a coin or playing a slot machine.  However, for the most part, I do not believe in luck. I believe that some people put themselves into a better position to be luckier then others and hence have more opportunities that present itself along the way.

So what can you do to become “luckier” at your workplace?

Get involved in a variety of new projects and build plenty of networks

I love the analogy of planting seeds in a garden.  You plant many seeds and hope that all of them will grow into fruits and vegetables knowing quite well that some of the seeds will end up dying.  But the seeds that grow will end up making all the effort worth it.

“Luck” works the same way, you lay the groundwork in many different areas at work.  Meaning you try lots of new things, you meet lots of new people, you build and maintain lots of different relationships and at some point the groundwork that you laid will flourish.   

Don’t be impatient.  Like seeds in a garden, it takes time for all of your hard work to grow into a full blown harvest.

Break your daily routines

Too many of us do the same thing every single day and wonder why new opportunities don’t arise?  If you have done the same thing for years and haven’t had any “luck” do you expect that next year will be any different?

Breaking your daily routines can be as simple as having lunch in a different location to meet new people or attending a random networking event or job shadowing a peer.  Once you open up your mind and try new things, meet new people, you will be amazed at the new opportunities that will come your way.

Ensure that your coworkers know your personal brand and reputation for success

When you have a good personal brand and a large network who know that they can depend on you, you will be amazed by the amount opportunities that will come your way.   Many of the cool projects and initiatives at work never get advertised.  You usually land these roles through your reputation or by being hand selected by colleagues who know you can get the job done.

Here’s a thought: Is your name on the tip of your coworker’s tongues when they are thinking of adding someone to a new project or initiative.  If not, then figure out a way to get there!

Be willing to say yes to new experiences

Change is very hard for many people.  We are creatures of comfort.  However being comfortable limits your vision and willingness to learn and try new things.

When asked to try something new in the workplace, don’t turn down the opportunity just because you don’t believe you have the skill set to succeed.  Take the project on and learn on the way.  You will be amazed with what you can accomplish when you put yourself under a bit of pressure. 

Saying “No”, may feel like the right thing to do because it allows you to stay in the safe harbor of the known, but every time you do this, you are less likely to be asked to join the next project that becomes available.

Do favors for coworkers without asking for anything return

One thing that annoys me is when people do “favors” for me, but after the favor they request that I reward them or “remember” them for the favor.   That just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

You should be willing to do lots of favors for others and never ask for anything in return.  When you don’t expect anything in return, there is a good chance at some point your favors will be reciprocated in ways you cannot even imagine. 

I recommend you all get familiar with the Rule of Reciprocity.  By nature, we humans feel an obligation to reciprocate a favor.  The more favors you give out means the more benefits you will end up reaping in return sometime in the future.

Have a positive outlook in life

Be the most positive person you know so you can start to see all the great things that occur in your life.  The more you witness these great things, the luckier you will seem.

Here is a thought:  Are you actually getting luckier when you have a positive mindset? Or are you just noticing the great things that happen to you more often?


Finally, remember that when an opportunity presents itself, you have a very limited amount of time to take advantage of it.  Personally, a good rule of thumb is that you have around 60 seconds to say yes to the opportunity before the “fear” factor kicks in.  The “fear” factor is that internal voice that tells you that you can’t do something, or you will fail, or there is not enough time to take the opportunity on, or you don’t deserve this this chance.

To sum it all up, the morale of this blog is simple, you can create your own luck.  And the more you do so, the better your career and entire life will become.


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