Most of us lack clarity.

Clarity of who we are and what we want in life.

We look for clarity in the wrong places.

We look at other people – their lives, their jobs, and their property.

Their reality become our dreams.


Something feels off.

Everywhere we look, someone is trying to show us a way.

Friends, family, strangers, they all point in different directions.

We follow their lead because we lack clarity.

Our life becomes directionless.


To find clarity, we must look within.

Ignore the endless external chatter.

The more we listen, the more confused we become.

Let’s stop filling our days with worthless busyness.

And use boredom to our advantage.


We are all born with an internal voice that guides us.

Some call it intuition, others call it a sixth-sense.

There is only one way to hear this voice.

Sit still or stand idle and listen in silence.

With patience, we will find our clarity.


Once clarity hits us, all the BS will fade away.

It becomes easier to say No to distractions.

It becomes easier to end toxic relationships.

It becomes easier to disappoint others.

It becomes easier to be ourselves.