A Journey Within Through Writing

I was never much of a writer. 

I remember thinking to myself that journaling was a waste of time. I remember telling people that there was no point in writing using a pen and piece of paper because typing was better and faster. 

I am glad that my own self-beliefs can change over time.  In what seemed like a previous life, I was under the wrong impression that people are who they are and cannot change.  With that type of belief system in place it is a wonder how I got to this point in my life where change and learning new things is what I now crave most.

Writing to me was always a chore; I did it because I had to do it.  I wrote to learn how to read, I wrote to learn the English language, I wrote in order to graduate school, and I wrote tens of thousands of emails to be “successful” at work. 

However, I never wrote to get to know myself.  I never wrote for self-reflection and I surely never wrote for pleasure.

How did I ever become a blogger? 

The answer is not so simple and even harder for me to put into words, but here are some of the reasons why I now write:

  • Writing has allowed me to become a better thinker and communicator.  When I write, the words have to make sense, so I have to be more thoughtful.  Overtime, this thoughtfulness carries over to the words I use when I speak.
  • Writing has provided me a creative outlet, one that can be very public or personal.  It is better for this creativeness to physically exist somewhere other than in my imagination.
  • Writing has allowed me to unleash emotions that have been buried deep inside of me for years
  • Writing has allowed me to clear my mental clutter and give me a “fresh” start every single day

When do I write?

I try to write every single morning.  Whether it is a full-blown blog or just random thoughts that flow through my mind.  Writing in the morning seems to turn my brain on and gets my day started in the right direction.

So how do you get started with writing? 

Simple, grab a piece of paper and pen and start writing what is on your mind.  No need to think, just write.  Write about:

  • Life
  • Your aspirations
  • Your problems
  • Your fears
  • Things that motivate you
  • Your to-do list for the day
  • Places you desire to see
  • Things you want to do for fun
  • Things that make your emotional
  • Things you wish you could share with others

Once you make writing a daily practice it will lead you to places within your mind, your body, and your soul that you never even knew existed. There is something special about sitting down by yourself, and letting your pen flow.

When your pen flows, your creativeness flows, your art flows, your heart flows, your life flows.


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