What happens when one of your lifetime passions intersects with your expertise area you spent years in the workforce honing?

It is an indescribable feeling that I hope you all have a chance to feel one day. 

Ask me what I am doing after work and the answer is generally the same “I am off to coach!”.  I know I struck a chord in my heart when I realized I have an urge to coach even when my own boys are not interested in playing a particular sport.

To me coaching sports is not just about teaching kids how to play a game- it is much bigger than that.  Coaching to me means motivating each child to do their possible best and not to stand for less.  It is about teaching the kids that practice and hard work trumps talent.  It is about raising the confidence of each child so that deep down inside they realize that they can accomplish any goal they set.

In the back of my mind, I always think back to the amazing coaches and teachers I had when I was a child.  These individuals gave up their own personal time to have an everlasting impact on me. 

My hope is that I can and will carry on the same type of legacy for this generation of the future.